About The Band

Boutique was established in 2008 and was created from the very beginning, specifically for the Bridal Industry. You may be surprised to learn that Boutique’s primary concern is not for excellent music – but for excellent service.  As professional, trained, working musicians, our trade is of course, to sing and play at an exceptionally high standard.  To be qualified to work at weddings, however, requires much more than simply good musicianship. Boutique – the business, is built first and foremost on the important attributes that committed wedding suppliers need to have: patience, friendliness, flexibility, experience specifically at weddings, selflessness and the desire, willingness & ability to meet very high client expectations under extraordinary pressure.  Combine these core values with exceptional musicianship and what you have is Boutique.  So while Boutique deliver performances that are modern and fun, behind it all is a team of people that are 100% committed to you and to exceeding even your wildest expectations.  This is the standard we aim for every single wedding.

Boutique’s founder, Rebecca Walker, is originally a classically trained pianist and singer, having played piano since age 7 and studied singing and music at both Melbourne University and The Victorian College of the Arts. Now as an award-winning wedding entertainment specialist, Rebecca will see you through from your very first phone call or email to your final dance together on your wedding night! Her expertise in running bands and coordinating functions means that your wedding or function is sure to be a huge success.  Rebecca will oversee your entire event, picking up where so many bands leave off. From offering advice & guidance on a running schedule, to making the most of your band, or to sourcing that obscure song from the 80’s that you just have to hear on your big night – no job is too big or too small for Rebecca and her dedicated team, ensuring that your wedding is quite simply, perfect.

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Meet The Members


Rebecca is 42 years old, has been married for 23 years to Darren.  Together they have 3 boys; Joshua (21), James (19) and Benjamin (7).  Rebecca’s days are filled with the variety of being a full-time mum and full-time musician.  During the week Rebecca manages the business side of Boutique and also prepares for the weekend’s bookings.  At weddings, Rebecca sings everything from Etta James and Adele to Taylor Swift and Beyonce, staying stylistically true to the original artists.  She also MC’s on the night in a relaxed and friendly style to put you and your guests at ease.  Rebecca also plays piano and sings for wedding ceremonies.

Favourite…. Pastime: Sleeping ~ Movie: Ghost ~ Drink: Red Wine

Song: Is this Love – Whitesnake ~ Food: Curry & chips

Zac Dijan – Lead Male Singer

We are absolutely thrilled to have undoubtedly one of Melbourne’s finest soul singers in the wedding and corporate scene. Zac has one of those extremely rare male voices that can sing virtually anything, from today’s best pop artists such as Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars, right through to classic soul artists like Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. His extensive range, powerful falsetto, belt voice and contagious energy always have our audiences captivated. Zac started with Boutique back in 2009, went to Sydney for a few years and came back to Boutique again in early 2015. Zac holds a Diploma in Music Performance and has been performing since 2002 in venues and events all over Australia.

and from Zac himself:

“By Day I am a Mortgage Broker and by night I sing my heart out! I love performing on stage and it’s definitely my creative release. I am a father of two girls and love to stay busy keeping a work-life balance. I enjoy keeping active and am a huge social butterfly”.

~ Funniest memory: “I used to work at Coles as a teenager and I asked them not to put me in Fresh Produce…..what did they do…they did just that. I remember my boss running through different fruits and told us to pick up a cherry tomato and squeeze it gently……well I squeezed too hard and it got him and the other trainee in the face. haha he wiped his face and still had seeds stuck I will never forget this. EVER!”

~ Movie: “Sound of Music cause it made me want to sing”.

~ Drink:  “WATER….and Red, Red Wiiiiine”

~ Song:  “Ain’t no Mountain High Enough – Marvin Gaye”

~ Food: “CARBS! Oh…..and Seafood!”


Keaton (guitar) is a highly gifted & versatile musician, recently earning himself a place in the prestigious Australian Army Band. With tertiary qualifications in music, exemplary customer service and a long history of touring with bands internationally, your wedding entertainment could not be in more capable hands. Having been a core member of Boutique for 4 years & performing hundreds of weddings alongside Rebecca, their partnership has grown from strength to strength and each brings complimentary skills to ensure your night runs flawlessly. Keaton brings the music to life with creative & unique playing that is a hallmark of the exceptional Boutique sound.

And from Keats himself…

“Beginning to get lessons on the trumpet.. (Always wanted to learn to solo (blues/jazz)) will it happen?? I hope so..
Married for almost 7 years , 2 kids (6 and almost 1).
My wife is Beautiful. She is older but looks younger… (Asian blood envy)..  
My son Ezra is awesome – real kooky/quirky personality and so clever.. (Not from me :( )
My Daughter Tallulah is gorgeous – she will melt my heart forever in every way.. 
I’m a very lucky and proud Man/Dad..
Favourite stuff..
Pastime – “Guitar practice”
Movie – “(of 2015) – straight out of Compton”
Drink – “whatever works”
Songs – “whatever feels good/appropriate…Jazz, Funk, Soul, Blues, Rock, Metal and a little Pop.”
Food – “whatever works”


Sandy and Rebecca met whilst performing in the Fleetwood Mac Tribute Show, and they ‘hit’ it off immediately! Sandy is an extremely versatile drummer who is able to play the most complex tunes on-the-spot, after having learnt so many different songs in his long and successful career. Sandy has over 30 years experience playing drums in wedding, show and tribute bands all over the world. Sandy has drumming residencies in several other Melbourne bands and is also a sought-after drum teacher.


Stephane has over 26 years of playing bass in some of Melbourne’s most popular cover bands such as Jungle Juice, Scarecrow, Reflections Of, Beyond Belief, Relax WIth Max, Max Loves 99, Blind Mice, Velvet Corporation, Blinder, The Andrew Wishart Band, 80sOnTheEdge and The Australian FleetwoodMac/Eurthymics show. Stephane has also backed various artists on Hey Hey It’s Saturday and the Bert Newton show. With his bright stage persona, harmonious vocals and thumping bass, Stephane will keep the groove and dance floor burning all night long.

And from Steph himself…

Favourite stuff….

~ Pastime:

“I love riding motocross on the weekends and have been riding and racing for 30 years. I just love the adrenaline and  riding in the mud and doing jumps…not for the faint hearted”.


~ Movie:

“My favourite movie would is Pulp Fiction because I love how Samuel Jackson and John Travolta are serious but funny at the same time and how there are so many memorable scenes”.  

~ Drink:

“I love anything alcoholic except for some home made grappa I’ve had which can be gross but you have to drink it otherwise you’ll upset the in-laws as they’ll think you don’t like them because you didn’t finish the drink they made for you”.


~ Song:

“I was a kid when I first heard “Sultans Of Swing” by Dire Straits and I was hooked forever…Every time that song is on the radio, I get goose bumps just like the kid I once was when I heard it…I still can’t explain it!”

~ Food:

“Pizza on a Friday night is a tradition!”